STEP 1- Register with Fort Worth Panhellenic

You may register with Fort Worth Panhellenic by going to our register tab.

Please register ASAP. Preferably by April 15th Our Master List Registration will close on May 1st. 

Registering early allows the local Panhellenic time to ensure your information is passed onto local alumnae groups.

Registering with the local Panhellenic allows us to distribute information you provide to the area reference chairwomen. They will then compile and and send to the proper college to ensure that your accomplishments are highlighted and publicized to the university women.

STEP 2- Compile and Distribute Information Packets

Information packets are to be distributed to alumna who will write references or letters.  Start checking with friends, your mother's friends, people you have worked for, etc. to find out if they were in a sorority and would write a recommendation or letter for you. Your information packet should consist of  resume, transcript and photographs.

Resume: Your resume does not need to be limited to one page for purposes of recruitment. Do not use your college application resume.

Transcript: An official copy of your transcript  is not required. Preliminary transcript is acceptable.

Photographs:Photographs in your packet should be recent. One full length and one close up photo  are  preferred. these do not need to be professional photos, informal snapshots are fine. Sorority members will use these to identify you for recruitment.

NOTE: It is a nice touch to send a handwritten thank you note thanking the alumna for their effort.  Write the note a few weeks after giving them your information.  They will appreciate it and if they have no already written their recommendation for you the note will serve as a reminder for them to do it.

STEP 3- Register with your College Panhellenic

Registering with the Fort Worth Panhellenic does NOT register you with your college Panhellenic.

You must register separately with your university.  BE MINDFUL OF THEIR DEADLINES.

Contact the student activities office of your chosen college or university or access the fraternity/sorority life page on the university's website to register.  Do not skip this step.

Remember: It is the responsibility of the sorority members and NOT the potential new member to obtain these recommendations/letters.  However, it is to your advantage to network among family, friends, teachers and acquaintances to secure your own recommendations. The Alumna who agrees tosupport you is responsible for mailing the recommendation to their local reference chairwoman. Many of the Texas Schools and other major universities have a deadline of June 1 to receive this information.