Recruitment Steps

Now that you have decided to go through recruitment ...

Keep an Open Mind

It will help you so much to keep an open mind!

You do not have to be in the same sorority as your best friend or even the same as your mother, sister or grandmother. You will hear lots of rumors about different sororities - the rumors are as plentiful as there are people to talk about them. Don't listen to these or make decisions based on these rumors. All it does is limit your possibilities. You might hear that XYZ sorority is great at one school, but others might hear it is terrible at another school. And, depending on who you talk to may give you different, biased information. This is all based on just their perspective.

Be your own person and make your own choices. Stop following the herd! It is time to move past high school. Every sorority has great girls. Enjoy it!

STEP 1 - Register with Fort Worth Panhellenic and Your College Panhellenic

A. Register with the Fort Worth Panhellenic for the Master List by going to our Register tab above.

Please register ASAP. Our Master List Registration will close on April 15th.

Registering with the Fort Worth Panhellenic allows us to tell sorority representatives/reference chairwomen in our area you will be going through recruitment and helps alumnae with writing reference forms. They will then compile and send to the proper college to ensure that your accomplishments are highlighted and publicized to the university women.

****Registering with the Fort Worth Panhellenic does NOT register you with your college Panhellenic. You must register separately with your university.*****

B. Very Important! Go online to the website of your chosen college/university to access the College Panhellenic (might be called Fraternity and Sorority Life or Greek Life) page on the college/university's website to register for your selected campus. This will have a fee. This is REQUIRED in order to participate in recruitment on your college campus, so be sure to meet the deadline! This information is typically available to students in the late spring (for campuses with fall semester recruitment) and early fall of each year (for campuses with spring semester recruitment). College Panhellenic websites are very helpful. They will have recruitment week details including dates and attire. Many will require that you attend their Greek Orientation. Be sure to register for this also!

STEP 2 - Find Reference and Letter of Support Writers

Begin with your family friends who are alums of national sororities. They will be familiar with the process and helpful to you. Other sources might be a mother of one of your friends, a neighbor, a teacher, someone you have babysat for, a church member, etc. Tell everyone you know you are going through sorority recruitment.

A Reference, while it does not guarantee an invitation to a recruitment open house at every college/university, is highly recommended. Some sororities also ask for an additional Letter of Support. A Reference is typically a form that is specific to each sorority and is best completed by an alumna who knows you personally. If you have difficulty locating a member of a specific sorority, please contact Fort Worth Alumnae Panhellenic. Most often we can assist you in locating a local alumna.

A Letter of Support is typically a letter written by a sorority alumna giving her support of you being a part of recruitment to a sorority at your chosen college/university.

Information packets are to be distributed to sorority alumna who will write a Reference or Letter of Support. Many sororities are requesting digital information packets, not paper packets. Please ask which is preferred.

STEP 3 - Compile and Distribute Information Packets

Before compiling information packets, verify with your Reference and Letter of Support writers of each sorority what they require and what your specific college requires - PAPER PACKETS OR DIGITAL PACKETS.

Your information packet should consist of a resume, transcript, photographs and a cover letter.

  • Resume: This resume should be two to three pages and have as much information as possible about you. Include honors/awards received, activities/clubs involvement, community service work, leadership roles, etc. during your high school years. It is to your advantage to include as much information as possible. Sample Resume

  • Your transcript does not need to be an official copy, but should be current.

  • Photographs: One full length photo and one close up photo are preferred. These do not need to be professional photos. Informal snapshots are fine. Photographs in your packet should be recent and reflect your personality. They should not include other people, school or sports uniforms, hats, or pets. Sorority members will use these to identify you when they meet you for the first time. Printed photographs should be 4x6 and have a label affixed to the back with your name, high school, hometown and college attending. Digital photos should be saved according to the sororities' requirements.

  • Cover Letter: A cover letter should be included with each packet, whether It Is paper or digital. A cover letter should be done for each sorority and sent to the Recommendation writer and Letters of Support writers.

Deliver or email your information packet to each Reference writer and Letter of Support writer as early as possible. It will take her time to complete your reference form. For sororities that request paper information packets, it is suggested to place all materials in a large envelope and mail or deliver to the writer(s). For sororities that request electronic submissions, attach your resume, transcript and photos and send by email to your writer(s).

It is a nice touch to send a handwritten thank you note thanking the alumna for her effort. Write the note a couple of weeks after giving them your information. They will appreciate it and if they have not already written their reference or letter of support for you the note will serve as a reminder for them to do it.

REMEMBER: It is the responsibility of the sorority members and NOT the potential new member to obtain these references and letters of support. However, it is to your advantage to network among family, friends, teachers and acquaintances to secure your own References and Letters of Support. The Alumna who agrees to support you is responsible for mailing the Reference or Letter of Support to their local reference chairwoman.Many of the Texas Schools and other major universities have a deadline of JUNE 1 to receive this information.You will want to be done with this early so you can enjoy your graduation activities.

STEP 4 - Social Media

Update all of your social media platforms. Remove anything you don't want your grandmother to see - photos with alcohol, too tiny bikini, unflattering photos, etc. Be sure to keep it tasteful, friendly and happy. And, please do not be naive and think you have your account settings all set to private and that sororities won't see your posts and photos. They will see it all!

It is completely ok for you to follow the different sororities at the college you have chosen as well as their national chapter. Do not expect them to follow you back. Some might, most will not. They are not supposed to. The individual girls in each sorority - if you do not already know them, do not follow them just because you found them on their sorority's site or met them during recruitment. Keep it simple - just follow the sorority chapter site.