Why Go Greek?

Purpose of Sorority Life

Ease into College Life - Starting college can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be one of the most vulnerable. Freshmen want to capitalize on their newfound freedom and opportunities, but they often feel that they have too many choices and a lot at stake. The juxtaposition between desire and uncertainty can be overwhelming as students embark on college life. Sororities can help ease that transition. Greek-letter organizations are plugged in to their respective campus communities as well as any group can be, which helps them to help underclassmen find and filter opportunities. Also, older members can help new collegians evaluate their options by offering first-hand perspectives on student groups, academics and other campus resources. 

Sense of Community - Some public universities enroll well over 50,000 students. It can be difficult to develop a sense of belonging in a populace that is the size of a small city. The citizen of a city develops her sense of belonging through her work, religion, social and neighborhood sub-communities. Likewise, a sorority can help a woman feel better connected to her school community. Sororities are simply a good way to meet friends. Some sorority members ultimately view their sisters as old war buddies - the comrades with whom they survived an exhilarating and turbulent period in their lives.

High Standards and Accountability - Many sororities impose grade point average restrictions on their members, requiring them to maintain a certain level of academic accomplishment. As a result, sorority members often achieve higher average GPAs than the student bodies-at-large of their respective schools. For example, in 2012 the University Panhellenic Councils at the University of Texas at Austin, The College of William and Mary, and Vanderbilt University reported that its all-sorority GPAs were higher than their all-university GPAs. Most Greek-letter organizations also require members to engage in community service, as well. Philanthropy opportunities range from simply participating in local charity events to organizing university-wide service projects, which can be an asset on future resumes, particularly for women considering jobs in fields related to their charitable work. 

Networking Tool - While education and experience are critical in the professional world, the importance of effective networking cannot be overstated. Having connections can make all the difference when someone is applying for an internship or job. Every sorority sister has the potential to become the insider connection who helps another woman achieve a goal. In a world where what you know does not always matter as much as who you know, it helps a woman to know as many people as she can. And, the devoted relationships that can manifest in sororities may become the enduring connections that change a woman's life years after she leaves college. 

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