Important Info to Know

Fort Worth Alumnae Panhellenic:

We will help provide you with general sorority information and notify area alumnae of your intent to participate in membership recruitment through our Master List. THIS DOES NOT REGISTER YOU WITH YOUR COLLEGE PANHELLENIC. Our deadline is April 1, regardless of your school's recruitment schedule (fall, spring, etc.). The sorority members use the summer to get organized and ready for recruitment.  

Campus Panhellenic Association:  

When you register with your campus Panhellenic (this is required and most will open June 1), they will send you information about what you can expect during the recruitment process on their campus. Campus registration dates vary, so check their website or call to find out the deadline at your university as well as other general information such as what to bring/wear for recruitment. Many Panhellenics also have social media platforms, so don't forget to follow them as well!



In order to go through the recruitment process, you may need a reference (a form with your personal information that is requested by each sorority chapter on your campus) written by a sponsor, often referred to as an alumna member. Each sponsor will obtain the reference form for her sorority. The recruitment process typically includes three or four events. These events are intended for you and the sorority membership to meet and also for you to learn more about sorority life and their sorority in particular. Since recruitment is a mutual selection process and each sorority is unique, don’t pre-judge one sorority by a stereotype given to you for the whole group. The period of recruitment varies but usually lasts for several days.


Key Notes About Sorority Membership