For Moms

We know it often gets left up to you to determine what to do and how to get it done! So, here are a few ways you can help your daughter through sorority recruitment.

  • Know the deadlines and help your daughter meet them. See Suggessted Timeline for important dates and monthly check list.

  • Find family, friends, neighbors and church members who are sorority members. Have your daughter ask them to write recommendations. She should also write personal thank you notes to the women who are writing her recommendations and letters of support.

  • Help with resume and pictures for her packet if information ( both digital and paper copies).

  • Ensure your daughter has registered with Fort Worth Panahellenic Master List (before April 15) and her University’s Panhellenic office (Summer).

  • Understand that legacy status does not ensure a bid to that house.

  • Ask questions! Call or email the University Panhellenic office for information specific to your university. Reference Chairmen and Alumnae will be able to answer specific questions about their individual organizations.

  • Expect a lot of stress during Recruitment Week. If you are available, you might be able to be there on bid day.